Worthington Farmers Market
PO Box 534
Worthington, Ohio 43085

p: 614.285.5341


  1. Could you please give me information about the cost associated with being a vendor at your market? Are there openings currently? I am interested in offering homemade baked goods.

    Janet Dennie


  2. what time does the market open and close? couldn't find it in the website. Thanks.

  3. Can you please let me know what the rules and regulations are for vendors? We would be selling homemade spice rubs and homemade jewelry.

  4. I am also interested in vendor requirements and booth pricing for a certified organic product not seen at your market yet.

  5. Please send me information on how to become a Worhtington Farmers Market vendor. See us at Thank you.

  6. Hello
    I am interested in requirements and pricing to participate as a vendor. I can be reached at
    Thank you

  7. I am interest in becoming a vendor. Kombucha, art, small furniture, lotions, soaps, and veggies. Would love some info on the cost and process. I current live in Georgia but will be moving to Worthington June 1st. Thanks!

    Emily McCallister

  8. Hey there!
    I am a part of lifespring church and was wondering what the requirements and cost of setting up a booth would be at the farmers market. I can be reached at or called at 4194181117

  9. Hi I am interested in a getting a booth for this winter. Are the still spots available? If so how do I apply for one? my email is, my phone number is 614-353-1306, and my website is Thank you!!

  10. Hi I am interested in a getting a booth for this winter. Are there still spots available? If so how do I apply for one and what are the costs associated with being a vendor? My email is, my phone number is 614-348-2098 Thank you!!

    Suzanne Schmitz

  11. What are the requirements and cost of a spot?

  12. Hello! I'm interested in requirements and cost for a spot in 2018. or 314.856.2380. Thank you!

  13. The issue between the taekwando academy and the Worthington Jam has been settled. As you can see, the couches at the north-end fireplace will be moved away from the walls of the academy. Here is the message I sent the jam folks with a copy to Jordan Slomovitz:

    I just visited Jordan Slomovitz at his martial arts academy. He loves music too, just doesn't want children to get hurt being distracted by the music right next door. Jordan came up with a great idea: He will move the couches from the south side of the playground to the northwest corner, where we will play off to the west side of the north entrance to the mall, and there we will play next Saturday...something that works for all.

    See you then, thanks Jordan--love and peace, hal