Friday, January 23, 2015

Worthington Farmers Market: January 24th

"For me, as a farmer and food activist, cooking is the creative process that connects the work of the farmer/gardener/herdsman/fisherman/hunter/forager with the work in all kitchens: transforming the bounties of the land and sea into feasts of honest, nutritious, seasonal, inspired food."

- Thomas Harttung

One for the Cook's...

"Invariably, we hear that there is simply no other way to feed and clothe ten billion people on planet Earth. If you are not an agricultural expert, or a trained environmental economist, you will quickly find yourself in unknown territory, with people throwing facts and figures and thick reports at you. The system that exists has an aura of inevitability. Those who challenge the orthodoxy are deemed naïve, at best—or else reckless, or even dangerous and subversive."

"We challengers need ammunition: cookbooks of facts and arguments to commandeer in discussions about the future of food. Here’s an attempt at one..."

Interested in reading more?

 Read the rest of Thomas Harttung's article, "Creating the Food Systems of Tomorrow:  A Guide for the Cooks".


Keep in mind that the 2015 outdoor market season applications are available on the Worthington Farmers Market website. Applications and application fees are due by January 31st. Best of luck!

Our Vendors for Saturday, January 24th (in both alphabetical and numerical order) are:

A Few Of My Favorite Things...
Black Radish Creamery
Blue Jacket Dairy
Brown Bros. Farms, LLC
Cedar Cress Farm
Curly Tail Organic Farm
Dan the Baker
Dana Lee's Bakery & Catery
Éban's Bakehouse (Gluten-Free)
GoldenLife Dog Food
Gourmet Candy by Karen
Honeyrun Farm
Jenn’s Cupcakes & Confections
Jorgensen Farms
Kingdom Fish
Krazy Kraut
Lettuce Work
Maria's Fresh Pasta
Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Michael's Artisan Chocolates LLC
Mockingbird Meadows
Oh Lather Soap Works
Ohio Bison Farm
ohio farm direct
Oink Moo Cluck Farms LLC
Organic GreenFix
Patisserie Lallier
Pleiades Maple Products
Reeds Fresh Farm
SaraBee Pure Honey
Secret Garden Bakery
Silver Bridge Coffee Company
Sippel Family Farm/Kokoborrego Cheese
Soodles Bake Shop
Speckled Hen Farm
Stonefield Naturals
Sugar B. Bakery
Swainway Urban Farm
Sweet thing gourmet
The Brown and Blond Bakery
Up the Lane Farm
VanScoy Farms
Wayward Seed Farm

1 Organic GreenFix
2 Black Radish Creamery
3 Secret Garden Bakery
4 Reeds Fresh Farm
5 Methodist Theological School in Ohio
6 Brown Bros. Farms, LLC
7 Blue Jacket Dairy
8 Stonefield Naturals
9 The Brown and Blond Bakery
10 GoldenLife Dog Food
11 A Few Of My Favorite Things…
12 Gourmet Candy by Karen
13 Dan the Baker
14 Soodles Bake Shop
15 Sippel Family Farm/Kokoborrego Cheese
17 bak
18 SaraBee Pure Honey
Maria's Fresh Pasta
Oh Lather Soap Works
19 Wayward Seed Farm
21 Éban's Bakehouse (Gluten-Free)
22 Kombu-Tea
23 Krazy Kraut
Pleiades Maple Products
Patisserie Lallier
Up the Lane Farm
Jenn’s Cupcakes & Confections
Cedar Cress Farm
27 Information
28 Mockingbird Meadows
29 Sweet thing gourmet
32 Oink Moo Cluck Farms LLC
33 VanScoy Farms
34 Silver Bridge Coffee Company
35 Dana Lee's Bakery & Catery
36 Jorgensen Farms
37 Kingdom Fish
38 Speckled Hen Farm
39 Lettuce Work
40 Sugar B. Bakery
41 ohio farm direct
42 Michael's Artisan Chocolates LLC
43 Curly Tail Organic Farm
44 Swainway Urban Farm
45 Ohio Bison Farm
46 Honeyrun Farm

Our community table:

Wolfgang Parker, a local children's book author

Our musical entertainment:

North End: Columbus Folk Music Society

South End:  The Scioto Ramblers

Join us this Saturday, and every Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm!

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at See you at the market!

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